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Logo der VMZ BerlinFast, comfortable and secure traveling through the urban jungle — by car, public transportation, bicycle, afoot or as a combination; This was the task settled by the senate of Berlin, to be solved by Daimler-Chrysler and Siemens for the new Traffic Management Central.

This task was realised within 32 months of work by Daimler-Chrysler Financial Services Inc. and Siemens Inc. INTERVISTA AG was one of two integrators — developing and implementing the components for commercial control over parking space and traffic jam warning systems over the Internet.

Berlin’s achievements from the project?

  • Traffic jam prevention through an intelligent management of public transportation and individual traffic
  • Travel-quality improvements with the public transportation in Berlin and the surrounding region
  • Improved quality-of-life for the citizens and visitors
  • Improved possibilities for traffic planning and traffic control
  • Improved environmental protection
  • Mobility services over the Internet for everyone free of charge

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