Sales & Vending

The Multimedia Vending Machine

INTERVISTA AG has developed a multimedia vending machine that delivers mobile PINs using the PIN-printing-method. A customer may buy 16 digit number codes that are valid for recharching a mobile phone. The trade-good is delivered to the vending machine using WiFi technologies. A customer may pay cash or with a bank card.

This system is operated by ‚e-loading-Automaten-Ges.mbH & CO KG’ Germany wide on a few thousend vending machines. The logistic partners are E-Loading and Tobaccoland. Apart of mobile phone PINs any digital goods can be sold. This is valid for lottery tips as well as tickets for local theatres. Multimedia vending machines may sell all products that have no physical means such as licences, mobile phone vouchers and tickets of any kind.

The Vending Device

The vending machine can be located outdoor as well as indoor. It consist of a save case with a standard PC-System driven by Linux. Products may be payed by cash, bills as well as coins and cards. There are two alternative sizes of TFT-display with touchscreen. The “products” are delivered by a printer on special hologram-paper in the box in the lower section of the device:

The User-Interface

The following picture shows an example of mobile-phone prepaid-pins. The user first is choosing a provider and then the diffent pins offered. The center section of the display is used for movie-display, if the machine is idle.

Further solutions:

Further Customers:

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