Power Authorities

Vattenfall (formerly: BEWAG) Electric Meter Testing and Accounting in Berlin (GVS)

Logo von VattenfallThe GVS, the electric meter testing and accounting system, is a software system for operating, testing, maintaining and accounting electric meters of a power authority or a power meter manufacturer.

Business Management

The GVS is managing the electric meters and converter stocks by the following rule sets:

  • Book-keeping over all electric meters and converters based on the technical class specification (classification based).
  • Book-keeping on the stock of electric meters and converters in the company (device based).
  • Almost fully fault-secured registration of all devices inside and outside of the company (RFID / barcode based).
  • Automatic survaillance of the different delivery groups regarding the callibration validity period.
  • Interaction with other company systems like SAP.

The system provides the user with a menu driven interface on a client-server architecture, implementing an access-model with different views and a context sensitiv help.