Service & Support

Down with the TCO!

Quality and economic effectivity of software solutions is surly based on the quality of the technical realization only to a part. A decisive competition advantage rather arises at the other part by the smooth integration of the technical solutions into the economic and organizational business processes of the enterprise and its environment.

During the livecycle of an IT project many technical and non-technical decisions have to be taken; of the customer, of the supplier as well as of all involved in the project . Often sufficient technical know-how contrasts to the responsibility of the customer to make decisions.

At this point a competent and objective consultation has to take place. INTERVISTA does not only deliver software sytems, but the highly experienced staff of service people offers the customer comprehensive advise in the fields of software-systems, business-processing. business-economy and organization, and last not least advise in regard to the compet life-cycle of IT-systems within complex organisations, in particular:

  • Analysis of your existing IT structure as well as operative and strategic development possibilities
  • Feasibility studies for new business fields or technological innovations:
  • Support during the entire livecycle of systems, first and second level support
  • Analysis and assessment for third-party suppliers/market analyses
  • Concerns of Middleware as document-management-systems and process(-workflow)-engeneering
  • Questions relating operating-systems, database-systems, load-balancing, applicationserver
  • Concerns of system access and security