Media Design

Human Centred Technology — Designed for people

Human machine interaction – putting the user into control, designing for the ease of use with the user’s tasks and goals in mind. We do design human machine interfaces to guide the user in achieving his goals without him loosing control over the actions taken. Designing the user’s interface is not a matter of eye-catching effects, it is made to support the user, easing the workload, optimizing the process and providing a quicker insight into the information at the users fingertips.

User interfaces

A graphical user interface of software is the meeting point between user and technology. An interface that fits to the solution saves capacities and time. Ergonomics and esthetics don’t have to suffer and can influence the user positively. We keep operation and navigation simple despite content and functionality range might be very complex.

Web development

We support the presentation of your brand or your product on the Internet. We provide the coherent appearance and good click rates. With broad technical know-how, we keep oriented to standards like xHTML, CSS, RSS etc.