Project- und Processmanagement

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The goal defines the path

The realisation of strategic IT solutions must not be a matter of coincidence. Sound project- and processmanagement is the crucial factor. Our process model overcomes the fixation on plain software development. It considers business goals and covers the business processes. The incremental process model leads to early results for sustainable and accepted solutions.

The right decission for strategic projects

The correlated treatment of IT- and business processes drives our process model approach for IT projects — the IV::SolutionFramework. It is based on years of expertise in solution development and consulting. Based on the companies strategic goals IT landscaping and business processes are systematically analysed and optimised. Because IT is no more than a means to an end.weck.

Process implementation

As one of our services we offer to implement project- and process structures in your company. This pertains to composition and choice of roles and responsibilities, activities and project phases as well as artifacts and tools. This builds the foundation for independant and professional work on projects.

Adoption to customer specific requirements

Each application domain, organisational structure und project dimension has it’s special requirements to a process model. The IV::SolutionFramework thatfor is partitioned to be tailored to a projects demands — e.g. special legal requirements, certification processes, company’s guidelines and technical constraints.