Coaching und Training

Strengthen staff members competencies — knowledge is power.

Success through learning

We impart skills in analyses, visualisation and design of business processes and IT-architectures. Furthermore we gladly share our competencies in the fields software-design, process and project management as well as quality ensurance. Our team posesses a deep knowledge enriched with many years practical application, research and teachings at universities.

Imparting knowledge

Being prepared for new challenges is part of growing structures and projects. We imparting knowledge on the FMC based analyses, visualisation and optimisation of business and IT processes as well as skills in the areas of IT architecture, software design, project management or quality assurence.


The most direct way to knowledge transfer is coaching. As part of your projects we will accompany your staff members or teams to teach proper techniques and methodologies — personal, target-oriented and individual.


Project spanning knowledge is best educated through semindars. Tailored to the customer and project goals we will present selected topics – from didactically prepared theory through practical application.