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Enterprise IT Landscaping

An intelligent IT-infrastructure is a key factor for a flexible and timely realization of new products, services and business processes. Enterprise IT Landscaping provides the methotodoloty for necessary extensions, modifications and opimizations in your IT and business processes.


Visual IT Design

We extend and design your IT landscape, curtail partial systems and define the system’s architecture. Our visual, model-driven approach warrants a precise and balanced description for the development of IT systems from the start. This leads to sustainable IT solutions tailored to suit your needs.


Project- und Processmanagement

The realisation of strategic IT solutions must not be a matter of coincidence. Sound project- and processmanagement is the crucial factor. Our process model overcomes the fixation on plain software development. It considers business goals and covers the business processes. The incremental process model leads to early results for sustainable and accepted solutions.


Coaching und Training

We impart skills in analyses, visualisation and design of business processes and IT-architectures. Furthermore we gladly share our competencies in the fields software-design, process and project management as well as quality ensurance. Our team posesses a deep knowledge enriched with many years practical application, research and teachings at universities.