piCOS Affiliate Program

Your success with personal cellphone tracking


We believe in success as a result of long-term relationships with our partners. piCOS could be the product completing your product range or improve your web presences‘ features as piCOS – Der Handyorter is a flexibel, easy to embed and customizable service. Have a look at our Affiliate Program example site www.handyortung.info. This page is a showcase on how easy it is to embed and customise piCOS to fit your corporate identity. Have a simple login and the whole service seemlessly integrated into your web presence using an iFRAME.

All accounts and tracking events are uniquely identified with your affiliate site and will be commissioned to you. This is similar to the mobile phone’s provisioning model called „airtime“ and guaranties steady revenues from the customers and trackings generated through your affiliate account.

Steps to be done through you?

All you will have to do is including an iFRAME in your web presence. That’s it. Everything else will be done for you.

Nothing to lose, a world to win?

Partners in the piCOS affiliate program have the potential to earn four-digit monthly revenues without doing anything much. Your profit-share is up to 30%! This is your chance to use the potential tracking services offer. We will support you selecting

  • the adequate target group,
  • the optimal pricing model,
  • where required promotional offers

piCOS – Premium Affiliate Program

More individualisation for your success

The piCOS premium affiliate program is with equal conditions as in the piCOS affiliate program, but offers a wider range of individualisation posibilities like own references, individual texts – the INTERVISTA AG as service provider is taking a back seat. This is the ideal offer for vendors allready dealing in the tracking business and enhancing their services portfolio with cellphone tracking.

Options of the piCOS premium affiliate program

Within the premium affiliate program access there are additional options for service partners individualising the portal that are not available in the standard affiliate program. Those options can be chosen by the affiliate partner:

  • A brand apart „piCOS“.
  • Login-mask with a background image
  • Individual texts for the pop-up window behind the button for buying a voucher
  • Individual texts for the pop-up window behind the link on how to unlock the mobile phone
  • Individual texts for the pop-up window behind the link on how to aquire credits for tracking
  • Vertical navigation pane on the right side instead the left side
  • Individual size and form of the navigation / map, e.g. squared instead of rectangular
  • The note „Powered by Intervista“ smaller and without the logo

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