Your personal cellphone locator

Innovationspreis 2005 - Mobile NetzepiCOS (www.picosweb.de) is the award winning German market leader for personal mobile phone tracking with a huge user base and still growing. piCOS is awarded with the German Innovation Price 2005, tested and approved through the Bund Deuscher Kriminalbeamter (german CSI union). Furthermore you can find many positive events through piCOS – such that even the police was enabled to catch thieves, prevent attempted suicides and located wanderers in dire straits.

piCOS – a service with an immense impact. Simple, fast and reasonably priced with 0.49EUR per location attempt on one’s own mobile phones. There are no special hardware or software requirements to use piCOS. It works with any mobile phone – however old the phone. Simply register your mobile with the service, unlock it and start tracking.

Each tracking attempt is done through triangulation on your mobile phone’s SIM-card. As an average the result is within 100m inside citys.