miCOS GPS-Locator

The location platform for your business

miCOS GPS-TrackingThe service miCOS is the logical evolution of the successful piCOS GSM Cellphone tracking service. It is oriented miCOS to the needs of business customers as crafting, guard and security companies, freight forwarders, trucking companies and construction lender.

  • GPS-Ortung zum Schutz vor Dieben, für Baumschinen


    A Construction Rental has a large yard. In the courtyard are the machines unattended. After a weekend suddenly missing two special machines. They were stolen.

    Even though the devices are covered, creating a considerable loss of earnings, because the machines can not be rented out and the insurance risk with increase in contributions.

  • GPS-Ortung für Besitzer von Motoren- und Segelbooten

    Motor and sailing boats

    A boat owner has to lie in a small harbor on the Baltic Sea, sailing boat. A few Raudies use the sail boat for a spin, let the boat back on the open sea and prefer the way to the country to cope by swimming

  • GPS-Ortung für Segelflieger und Ballonfahrer

    Glider pilots and balloonists

    You are gliding or ballooning. A support vehicle will follow you to the land. No sooner has lost sight of, the unexpected happens and you need to initiate an emergency landing.

  • GPS-Ortung

    Oldtimer and Sportswagons

    A chic vintage shines in your garage. Her great-grandfather drove the car and you already have it restored in laborious hand work and a lot of time.

    A gang of thieves specializing in vintage uses your weekend getaway with the family car and steals the irreplaceable.

  • GPS-Ortung für Sport und die Freizeit

    Sports and Leisure

    You are on the road as a mountain bike. Your boyfriend or girlfriend and she has other things to do alone on the road. As soon as they want to turn around because it happens: the chain breaks and further travel is impossible. Although you can reach their favorite cell phone, they know exactly where they are not.

  • GPS-Ortung für Handwerksbetriebe, Kurierdienste und Unternehmen im Securitybereich

    Craft, courier and security

    They have spread throughout the city employees who are traveling in cars or vans. They know the basis of a calendar, where all your employees today have a job, if you are already on site or get behind schedule, but you do not know.
    There comes a pure accident notification by telephone. You must act quickly. Only employees who may be the fastest on the spot?

The location platform miCOS is a clearly laid-out web application that is to use no installation or special hardware requirements. Solely an Internet-enabled computer and an Internet connection are needed.

Required GPS-Hardware

Um miCOS benefits to a combined GSM / GPS module is required. These modules are usually housed in small and durable plastic housing. Many devices have a built-in high capacity battery, interface for connection to eg the electronic board of a truck and power connections for the uninterrupted operation. The configuration of the devices is done easily and without specific knowledge directly into miCOS.

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