GPS tracking solutions and Location Based Services

Concentrated knowhow for track & trace solutions

The tracking of your own cell phones or GPS device is easy. piCOS and miCOS provide suitable platforms.

Geofancing mit miCOSWhether loss of mobile, mobile phone theft, child tracking, tracing of stolen vehicles, the pursuit of cargo containers – opportunities for both services, there are many.

With Germany’s largest private positioning of the mobile platform piCOS – der Handyorter, a mobile telephone within a few minutes to register for the service, and freerunning. Already for 49 Cent / fix, you can determine the position of your phone and find it again if lost. Enormous costs for the new purchase of a mobile phone and the loss of personal data can be saved.

miCOS the GPS Locator is the successful development of our mobile phone tracking services. Not the location of mobile phones, but the types of vehicles, construction equipment, boats, etc. will allow it. What is needed is a combined GSM / GPS module whose configuration can be easily and without special knowledge.
An investment that pays off!

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